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Lesson 1

Read the text on page 44 and answer the questions.

Hometask: Page 45, ex. 11/a, b.

11. a)

1. Users can join in the fun by sending instant messages. – a. feel comfortable in a group.

2. They can bond with each other by watching clips from films. – c. make a close connection with.

3. Some teens feel that they don’t fit in at school. – d. be/feel part of.

4. Chatting online helps some shy people not to fell left out. – b. be outside a group you want to be in.


1. Do you feel like you fit in with all the different groups in your school?

2. Are there times when you feel left out because you can’t do something your friends can do?

3. If you see friends playing a sport, do you bond with right away or wait for them to ask you to play?

4. Do you have any good friends now that you didn’t join in when you first met?

Lesson 2

Bees dying on a phone call?Read the text on page 46 and answer the questions.

Hometask: Page 47, ex. 2/c, page 48, ex. 4/a, 5/a, b.

2. c)

1. The importance of bees is appreciated any many farmers.

2. Hundreds of bees are found dead hundreds of metres from their hives.

3. Those hives didn’t own by us now; we sold them.

4. It looks as if a lot of problems did cause by mobile phones.

5. Are any farmers interviewed about the problem?

6. Quite a lot is knew about how bees navigate back to the hive.

7. The theory did believe to be crazy at first.

8. Is all crops pollinated by bees?

5. a)

1. I have been sent here by the local campaign committee.

2. You haven’t been given a clear picture.

3. Have you been told about the plans for new gardens all around the centre?


1. Town planners were criticised last week for not listening to the wishes of local people.

2. In 1908, the Oylmpic Games was holded here for the first time.

3. Do you know how many new hotels were building here since the 1970s?

4. A lot of money were make from the building of the new airport runway.

5. Members of the planning committee is asked some difficult questions the the meeting last week.

6. Was many wild birds saw here since they redeveloped the area?

7. The event were organised extremely well and everything went off without any problems.

8. The centre didn’t visit by as many people as we expected.

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