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September 10-14

Lesson 1

What do you think about England? (page8)

Grammar /Present Perfect

Homework:ex. 2/a,b,page 8

2. a) 1. My life has changes since more than a moth.

2. I haven’t see him for I was born.

3. I’ve has this photo for years.

4. We haven’t spoken since as long as I can remember.

5. We’ve lived here for 1998.

6. I’ve loved sport since a long time.

b) 1. How long you know your best friend?

2. How log you like your favorite band?

3. How long you live in your house?

Lesson 2

Find an information about the places of interest of England and learn the information for the discussion.

Grammar/superlatives and comparatives

Homework:ex.3,page 9

3. Jean-Pierre

I love both places, but I think Paris is lot more beautiful than London. And of course the weather is a lot best in Paris too!


I prefer Paris – sorry, but it’s true! It’s the most beautiful city in the world, and they have the best food in the world there, too. I don’t think London is more interesting as Paris – I mean, for things like shops and museums and history, Paris wins every time.


For me, there’s no question – London is the greated city in the world. I mean, Paris is lovely, the people there are great – but Paris isn’t more exciting as London.


Wow, that’s a hard question. I love both places. I don’t think Paris is more attractive as London, but London is just more interesting as Paris. And the two cities are most expencive as each other, so it’s hard to choose. But in the end…Yes, Parise is guesse.

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