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Lesson 2

Text 36,page 36 to retell the text and make audio.

Hometask:ex.13,page 70

13. Ling:  Hello Amy. 1) Were you at home last weekend?

Amy:  No, i 2) not. 

My family and i 3) goes to the beach.

We often 4) will go to the beach at the wekends.

Ling: 5) Have a nice time?

Amy: 6) Had a greet time!

Ling: 7) Where stay?

Amy: 8) We staying with my grandmothers house.

Ling: 9) They near the beach.

Amy: 10) Their house to be right by the beach.

Ling: 11) We walking along the beach and swiming in the sea.

Amy: 12) That sounds like a lot of fun.

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