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Домашнее задание: чтение и пересказ текста.


Домашнее задание:

Поисковые задания:

  • Изучите, в какой географической точке и каким народом был придуман рецепт  хлебного теста

Хлеб была создана в Италии:

  • Из каких злаков пекут  хлеб?

вода, соль и муку


  • Спросите у старших поколений, какие ингредиенты нужны для приготовления хлеба и теста.

вода, соль и муку и ингредиенты, чтобы получить вкусный хлеб


  • Как у разных народов называется традиционный национальный хлеб? (например, лаваш, пури, кулич, багет, брецель,икмек…..). Выбрать какой- нибудь один хлеб и подготовить о нем сообщение ( можно видео, аудио)


лаваш приходят с очень древних времен, и теперь они все бабки Саркис вкусные торты для нас. Существует много лаваша.

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Progress check. Round up 1,2,3,5,6,7


2. 1) A: The fridge is empty!
B: Dontt worry. I can go to the supermarket today.
2) A: We need an onion and a tomato for the repice.
B: OK!
3)`A: Have you got a pet?
B: Yes, i have. I’ve got the beautiful cat.
4) A: The man standing in the corner over there is kate’s father:
B: Yes, i know. He is the Art teacher.

3. 1) There are a lot of apples in the bowl.
2) I havent gor a lot of money in my purse.
3) Farima has got many friends.
4) There aren’t many bananas in the fruit bowl.
5) There is much milk in the bottle.
6) Are there many pears in the tree?
7) There are many people on the bus today.
8) Is there much sugar in the jar?
9) Are there many children in the classroom?
10) We are late. We haven’t got a lot of time. Hurry up.

5. Im going to the supermarket to buy somethings. Theres some milk in the fridge and we havent got any coffe. Do you need anything? Can you get some biscuits, please. Yes of course. Anything else? Oh, and no floor because i want to make some cakes this afternoon and there isnt enough. Aren’t there any cakes in the fridge? No. There are some cakes in the fridge.

6. 1) A: lets get something to eat.
B: Good idea!
2) A: Where do you want to go on holiday?
B: I want to go somewhere warm and sunny.
3) A: What that noise?
B: I dont hear anything.
4) A: That man over there looks like nowhere i know.
B: Are you sure?
5) A: Lets go shopping!
B: Oh, i cant right now beacuse im doing something else.
6) A: This cafe is so crowded.
B: I know. Theres somewhere to sit.

7. Hi caroline.